2017 Scholarship Winners Announced

 From left to right are Hollie Vietas. Grace Kent, Lauren Onianwa, Laura Onianwa, Jaysean Johnson and Ally Woeste.

This year the Greenhills Forest Park Kiwanis Foundation awarded six scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each to the above recent high school graduates. The students are:

Jaysean Johnson with Scholarship Committee chair Catherine Bidleman.

This will be the last year that the David Bell Scholarship will be awarded to a student that was at Winton Woods HS while Mr Bell was still a teacher. This year the $2,000 David Bell Scholarship is awarded to Jaysean Johnson to attend Northern Kentucky University to pursue a degree in Music Education and Voice. Jaysean credits music for helping him with his depression and mental illness. In his words, "I finally found a way to channel all the emotional energy and thoughts into captivating language called music. Hopefully one day Jaysean will have the same impact on students as Mr Bell.

Grace Kent with Catherine Bidleman

‚ÄčThis year the foundation requested that one of our scholarships be awarded in honor of our friend and Kiwanian Bruce Anderson and the memory of his wife Melody Anderson. The Andersons continue to support the foundation even after they moved from the area. This yea s special $2,000 Melody Anderson Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Grace Kent. Grace graduated from Winton Woods High School and Scarlet Oaks and plans to attend Ohio University tio pursue a degree in Global Studies-Asia and minor in Mandarin Chinese, Grace did an excellent job tying her own experience as and\ adopted child to her desire to continue to remain involved with the program "Families with Children From China" and her college goals. Grace is also a swimmer, volunteers with younger swimmers and has been involved with teh Winton Woods music and theater programs.


Laura Onianwa with Catherine Bidleman

Laura graduated from Winton Woods HS and plans to attend Ohio State University to pursue a degree in Nursing. In addition to a student athlete in track and field and cross country, Laura found time for Key Club and many other activities. Her experience and volunteer at Stonebridge at Winton Woods senior facility helped the residents by providing a colorful, neat and relational garden and foundation surrounding their permanent home. 

Lauren Onianwa and Catherine Bidleman

Lauren Onianwa graduated from Winton Woods HS and plans to attend Wright State University to pursue a degree in Pediatric Nursing. Lauren is a team member of the First Winton Woods crew team. Lauren hopes to one day work at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Lauren credits the "nurses at Cincinnati Children's for helping to get her sister well ann making her feel at home"   Lauren also wants to travel to Ethiopia, Columbia or Puerto CRco so that she can provide medical assistance to people that cannon afford adequate health care. She wants to be a pediatric nurse that is respected by her peers and patients.

Holly Vietas with Catherine Bidleman

The Joyce Haller Scholarship is named in honor of the support the Haller family and an Dale's request in honor of his wife Joyce for her continued and loving support in medical care. This year the Joyce Haller Scholarship is awarded to Holly Vietas to attend Franciscan University or Steubenville and pursue a degree in Nursing. Holly was hone schooled through high school but has been actively involved in music at church and theater with her home school group, the Fairfield STARS children's camp and other local productions. Holly is an active volunteer and she says that even though sometimes it is difficult to see the impact to those  you are helping she "can see the changes reflected in her life from meeting those people who are gracious to let her serve them."


Ally Woeste with Catherine Bidleman

Our general scholar ship for $2,000 is awarded to Ally Woeste, a graduate of Roger Bacon High School, to attend Xavier University to pursue a degree in Biology. Ally was volleyball, basketball and softball player in high school in addition she is active in her church. All of us who visit the Greenhills Library are benefiting from Ally's volunteer work. The current book checkout system that allows us to checkout books by just placing it on the checkout pad required that each lendable item in the library have as mall sticker placed in the book. Ally helped put the stickers in the books. This is one of the many tasks she did for the library,